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New Mangosteen Product News Flash!

Announcing our NEW 60-day ( Two Month Supply) bottle of capsules.

New capsule size now 500mg

Only two capsules are required daily. ORAC 3365

New Antioxidant Super blend Mangosteen Whole Fruit powder.

Inflation is hitting manufacturers hard with increases across the board for ingredients, manufacturing costs and shipping causing increases in prices.

The Vitalxan brand has redesigned the Mangosteen capsules to meet  this challenge without compromising the products!

Vitalxan  offer quality with NO Price Increase in our Mangosteen capsules! This has been maintained for the last 12 yrs

As a guide our bottle prices are marked as per month cost for each pack

Current expiry date on our capsules is 2025.

Speedy Australia Express Post Guaranteed!