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Welcome to Vitalxan

Mangosteen is a natural fruit with anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial action properties.  This powerful Xanthone, antioxidant formula from Vitalxan Mangosteen appears to neutralise free radicals, assisting to reduce oxidative damage.  Vitalxan Mangosteen Fruit is derived from the purest fruits souced direct from Northern Thailand, and is certified to contain high Antioxidant levels.

Are you run-down, tired, and totally lacking energy? Vitalxan can help ...

A lack of daily anti-oxidants in our daily diet is often overlooked in our busy lifestyle.  If you have been feeling run-down, tired, and totally lacking energy … your body probably needs some fuel.  Mangosteen provides an energising boost for your immune system.

Did you know the human body requires a minimum of 5000 ORAC units daily ...

Did you know, the human body requires a minimum of 5000 ORAC units daily, that you cannot get directly from a normal balanced diet.  Your daily requirement can be achieved by taking just 3 Vitalxan mangosteen capsules daily.

Do you need to boost your immune system?
Super-strong Mangosteen capsules and powder are scientifically developed to stop oxidative damage in its’ tracks, boosting the immune system and enabling your body to fight chronic illness and immune disease.

Whole Fruit Mangosteen

Our 100% whole fruit Mangosteen capsules and high-concentrate powder are formulated from the highest nutrient value possible.  Our 100% whole fruit Mangosteen capsules and powder support the immune system, and are naturally rich with Xanthones.

Muscle & Joint Balm

Mangosteen ‘Muscle and Joint’ balm is a powerful concentrated antioxidant with natural emu oil | hemp seed oil | Omega 3 and GLA.   This calming balm penetrates and soothes soreness from bad posture, aching joints, muscles, lower back, knees and shoulders.  Stops itching!

Mangosteen online shop

Our online shop supports our Agents and Health stores around Australia.  Please view these products and more on our online shop.

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Mangosteen Fruit is packed with over 40 Xanthones, each contributing a unique function.  Our Vitalxan brand fortifies the body’s own defences against disease by supporting the immune system.   Currently, our miracle Mangosteen is being used for Australian clinical research.

No.1 Source of Xanthones

A-Grade Wild Harvest Fruit

Amazing Health Benefits

Triple strength antioxidant

Approved for Australian clinical research.

Choosing the right product

Mangosteen Dietary Supplements, and Proprietary Mangosteen Powder, is backed by over 10 years development.  A powerful antioxidant substance, certified by the Australian National Measurement Institute of Melbourne, and guaranteed free of heavy metals and pesticide residues, lactose and gluten free. For the past five years, University Researchers have relied on the Vitalxan Mangosteen Powder for its’ purity, as well as the scientific research, integrated in clinical trials for the benefit of humans. Please be aware that cheap, untested Chinese Mangosteen products are beginning to flood the market.  In the best interest of your health, make sure that the source can be certified as pure, free of heavy metals, and Manufactured under GMP conditions. Vitalxan is certified and packed in a GMP approved facility located at Ballina, New South Wales.