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A wholly Australian owned family business established for over ten years, with founding operations based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We have carefully researched and developed our Mangosteen product line, the new Antioxidant Miracle, as featured on Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

Mangosteen Capsules

Our signature powerhouse Mangosteen Capsules were selected and used in a 5 year clinical study into schizophrenia.


Vitalxan Mangosteen Powder is sourced from premium organic plantations in Northern Thailand.  It has undergone strict testing at the National Measurement Institute, Melbourne, the approved TGA Australian Laboratory testing site for heavy metals, pesticides and chemicals, plus certification for antioxidant strength and purity.

Miracle Mangosteen

Vitalxan has been acknowledged by Researchers of the James Cook University, Queensland for allowing them to use our proprietary Mangosteen Powder in a successful 5 year clinical study into, “How it performed against a placebo and pharmaceutical medication”.  Clinical papers have been published in the British Medical Journal.  Further studies are being conducted at Deakin University, and The Brain Institute, Queensland to ascertain, “Why and how it works”.
No.1 Source of Xanthones

A-Grade Wild Harvest Fruit


Amazing Health Benefits


Triple strength antioxidant

Approved for Australian clinical research.

Made in Australia

Australian made Mangosteen products are manufactured from the purest ingredients sourced from Northern Thailand – Australian certified for high antioxidant levels, free of heavy metals and chemical contamination.

Our 100% Whole Fruit Vitalxan Capsules and high-concentrate powder support the immune system, and are naturally rich with Xanthones.  Made from Mangosteen 100% fruit.

The amazing Mangosteen ‘Muscle and Joint’ Balm penetrates and soothes. Our formula is a concentrated antioxidant with natural emu oil | hemp seed oil, Omega 3 and GLA.

Our online shop supports our Agents and Health Stores in Australia and Internationally.  We are streamlined to deliver quality products safely and expediently.

Mangosteen | Quality Assurance

Our Australian made Mangosteen products are made from only the purest ingredients sourced from Northern Thailand.  All our products are tested for high antioxidant levels, and are free from chemical contamination.