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Naturally Rich with Xanthones

Supports the Immune System

Over 40+ Antioxidants

Hydrating face and body lotions with essential nutrients


Mangosteen Dietary Supplements, juice powders, balms and soothing skin care range are revolutionary ‘Anti-oxidant’ products designed to prevent oxidative damage and help boost the immune system.

Mangosteen Capsules

100% Whole Fruit Mangosteen vegetarian capsules capsules.  A powerhouse of nutrients with over 40 Anti-oxidants called Xanthones. Ensures immune support, energises bodily function, lactose and gluten free.

100% Mangosteen Fruit Juice Powder

Our flagship powerhouse Mangosteen powder comes in a 20g sachet ready to mix with 2 litres of your favorite juice.  We recommend drinking 150ml daily.   Our fruit juice powder provides a  sense of well-being.

Miracle Mangosteen Balm

Soothes and calms aching joints, muscles, back, knees, shoulders, from bad posture or sports injuries.   Stops itching in seconds!  Perfect for sensitive skin.   An all-over calming experience!

Mangosteen Hand & Body Cream

200ml Mangosteen Hand and Body Cream soothes, and revitalises all skin types.  This smooth, antioxidant, non-oily cream absorbs quickly into the skin to nourish dry and damaged skin.

Mangosteen Face Lotion

This luxurious anti-oxidant face lotion, nourishes and hydrates the skin whilst absorbing essential nutrients.  Perfect for sensitive and delicate skin – in a 130ml hygienic pump bottle.  Smells divine!

Mangosteen Muscle & Joint

Soothes aching joints, muscles, backs, knees, shoulders, and sports injuries.  Stops itching in seconds!  No burning feeling – an all over calming body experience.  Perfect for sensitive and delicate skin.

Why supplement with Mangosteen?

Are you suffering from physical fatigue, stress, anxiety, and unbalanced energy levels due to the continual attack of free radicals in your body?

The answer is really simple.  To effect a balanced metabolism in the body and achieve a delicate equilibrium of metabolic hormones, all we need is a well-balanced multi-vitamin program, and strong antioxidant support.


Antioxidant Support

Support the immune system and cellular functions.
Support joint function through its natural nutrients.
Provide antioxidant support by neutralising free radicals.
Maximum source of vitamins, rich in dietary fibre, with no saturated fats or cholesterol.

Mangosteen | Benefits

Enhances mood and provides a sense of well being.
Boosts energy and protects the body from oxidative stress.
Mangosteen Xanthones balance the body’s immune system, fighting disease.
Mangosteen should be a daily ‘priority food supplement’!


Our customers tell us they are 100% happy!

Choosing the right product

Mangosteen Dietary Supplements, and Proprietary Mangosteen Powder, is backed by over 10 years development.  A powerful antioxidant substance, certified by the Australian National Measurement Institute of Melbourne, and guaranteed free of heavy metals and pesticide residues, lactose and gluten free.

For the past five years, University Researchers have relied on the Vitalxan Mangosteen Powder for its’ purity, as well as the scientific research, integrated in clinical trials for the benefit of humans.

Please be aware that cheap, untested Chinese Mangosteen products are beginning to flood the market.  In the best interest of your health, make sure that the source can be certified as pure, free of heavy metals, and Manufactured under GMP conditions.

Vitalxan is certified and packed in a GMP approved facility located at Ballina, New South Wales.


The Antioxidant Miracle

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