Mangosteen Fruit Benefits

Every day your body’s 63 trillion cells are continuously being bombarded by unstable particles called “free radicals”. These unsteady molecules lose electrons as well as “borrowing” them from a healthy and balanced cell, destroying that cell in the process.

These electrons then ricochet around your body, damaging healthy cells from your blood, skin, bones, and your interior body organs. “Free radicals” at some point break into your cell membrane layers and can destroy the DNA inside.


To combat the “free radicals” chain, your body utilizes antioxidants. These are normally occurring substances which aid avoid or delay oxidative damage to the body, tissues as well as cells. Antioxidants may hinder the unsafe impacts of “free radicals”, which scientists believe may add to significant health obstacles.

You get a lot of antioxidants if you eat a good healthy diet, for instance:

Vitamin D Found in salmon, tuna, liver, milk, beef, eggs, and direct sunshine.

Vitamin C – Found in broccoli, bell peppers, eco-friendly leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, kale as well as cauliflower.

Beta Carotene from carrots, squash, and spinach.

Mangosteen the Queen of fruits is a rich source of strong Antioxidants.

Vitalxan Mangosteen powder has been certified as having a very high antioxidant value (ORAC) the international standard measurement for all foods in the world. Vitalxan has an ORAC reading of 3365 per gm and if you seek a comparison 1gm of Blueberries is around 240(ORAC).

The body requires around 5000 ORAC daily to function correctly but we all fall short in our daily food diets. Then the question is where do we get them? The answer is supplementation with NATURAL substances which can only be found in fruits.
Vitalxan mangosteen powder is in a class of its own and therefore it is revered by researchers as a benchmark for human clinical research.

The Mangosteen Fruit

Mangosteen has been used for centuries by Asian health practitioners for its incredible nutritional advantages as well as scrumptious taste.

Xanthones and Polythenols in the Mangosteen Fruit

Xanthones have been the subject of extensive research lately. They have been discovered to be most bountiful in the pericarp (the ripened inside wall surfaces) of the Mangosteen fruit. Polyphenols however have been ignored BUT in recent Vitalxan scientific research they have found that Polyphenols are extremely strong in the Vitalxan Mangosteen substance as an active antioxidant.

Imagine the benefits of consuming Flavonoids of Dark Chocolate, Catechins of Green Tea, Vitamin C of Oranges, Carotene of Carrots, Proanthocyanins of Grape Seeds and Polysaccharides of Aloe Vera all at once day after day.

The Mangosteen fruit contains ALL these prized nutrients in substantial amounts.

Xanthones are biologically active plant phenols that are loaded with antioxidants and have proven medical residential properties. Xanthones have been studied thoroughly for their medicinal potential. Mangosteen is one of the most abundant resources of antioxidants with over 40 xanthones. The mangosteen fruit offers numerous health and wellness advantages which is showing up in scientific studies done in laboratories.

There is no other fruit in the world that incorporates a distinctly scrumptious taste as well as overwhelming health benefits as that of the mangosteen. There is proven research on the wellness advantages of the mangosteen fruit, and the records are very promising. A growing variety of health professionals are utilizing the fruit in their scientific method as first-line or adjunctive treatment to treat their clients.

Vitalxan Mangosteen is a natural product and an all-natural health and wellness supplement food source that can offer the antioxidants not found from a normal diet regimen.

If you are looking for an all-natural method to improve your immune system, and lead a general much healthier life, why not give Vitalxan mangosteen a try and protect your bodily functions?

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