The Miracle of SuperFruits

How to build a circle of defence to protect you from disease and illness?

Kurt Grange, PhD, N.D., Nutritional Biophysiologist
Co-Author: The Miracle of SuperFruit

In every paper and magazine I pick up there are articles warning us about a pending pandemic flu that is about to decimate our population. One must keep things in perspective and not panic over something that has a huge number of “ifs and maybes” connected to it. However, a person should be prepared for flu, cold, and virus conditions that you WILL be exposed to this season.
You don’t just wake up one morning and say “I’m going to be immune today”. It takes a huge concentrated effort, involving every organ in your body, to stimulate your immune response, starting with the bone marrow, the thymus, the spleen, and your lymph glands.

The bone marrow produces your white cells (leukocytes) which are the basis of your disease-fighting ability.
Lymphocytes go from the bone marrow into the blood. They can sense antigens and chemicals from bad bacteria and viruses, and they can create antibodies to fight against them.

Other white cells go to the THYMUS gland. In the thymus, they are changed into killer macrophage cells (killer ‘T’ and B cells). These killer cells don’t have to stay in the blood. They can leave the blood vessels and go into the tissues, the skin, and the organs anywhere they are needed to fight infection. ’T’ helper cells, also from the thymus, run around the body “tagging” bad bacteria and viruses with a chemical that attracts the killer cells so that the killer cells can find the bad guys and destroy them.

One of the functions of the SPLEEN is that, as the blood passes through it, it senses if there are any antigens or chemicals present from the reproduction of bad bacteria and viruses. If they are present, the spleen sends out a chemical called Interleukin that literally jump-starts all the white cells and tells them that there are some bad guys doing damage in the body and to get busy and take care of the problem. This interleukin chemical also stimulates the individual body cells to produce their defence chemical called INTERFERON. Interferon makes the cell membrane resistant to viruses so that there is nowhere for them to reproduce and spread.

Protective Active, Immunity Helpers

Protective/Preventative Immunity: Doctors Arthur Guyton and Linus Pauling tell us that disease-causing organisms cannot, or have a difficult time, reproduce in an alkaline environment.

We also know that when the body is acidic the white and red blood cell activity is suppressed; consequently, they aren’t doing their job.

Therefore, it would serve our immune system best if we were to keep our bodies alkaline. This can be accomplished by eating more alkaline foods (80% fruits, veggies, etc) than acidic foods (20% types of meat, etc.). The most acidic producing items you can take into your body are processed (white) sugar and flour products, carbonated soft drinks, and any artificial sweetener that contains aspartame.

Active Immunity: There are supplements available that are extremely active in boosting the functions of the immune system.
These supplements are; astragali’s, astaxanthin ellagic acid, maitake mushrooms, lycopene, aloe vera, beta-glucan, Mangosteen, spirulina, green tea, selenium, zinc, vitamins A, C, D, and E, and the omega 3 essential fatty acids.

These are designed to stimulate and support the immune system and protect the cells against disease. In addition, these ingredients produce interleukin and interferon to help the spleen perform its immune functions.

Are these supplements the only ones that will boost immune function? No! But, these supplements are proven immune boosters, and they synergistically work together.

Immunity Helpers:

A great immune helper is a digestive enzyme supplement. Several of these enzymes (if you haven’t used them all up digesting enzyme poor food) have the ability to digest the protective membrane away from bacteria and viruses so they can be destroyed by digestion and making them vulnerable to the action of white cells.

You cannot take your immunity for granted. You need to support it so that it can create a circle of defence to protect you. I can’t think of any better way to do this than to eat healthily (whole, not processed) foods, exercise, and take natural (not synthetic) strong antioxidant immune-boosting supplements and digestive enzymes.

Mangosteen is normally manufactured as a powder of tropical fruit and is a perfect way to introduce super antioxidants into the body with the guarantee it has a certified ORAC value and is heavy metal and pesticide-free. Also great for Vegans and is Lactose Free

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