What an interesting article indeed.1 Capsules+1 Massage Balm
Our Vitalxan mangosteen whole fruit capsules are made in Australia and a family-owned business since 2003
The product is now packed as a TWO monthly supply which requires only two capsules daily
Presenting the product this way enables us to retain prices around the current level
We have certified testing results online for our whole fruit mangosteen powder which was done at the National Measurement Institute and Australian Government Laboratory in Melbourne.
The readings were a staggering 3365 ORAC per gram which when compared against blueberries at around 22.4 ORAC is very powerful indeed
The body needs around 5000 ORAC daily to perform bodily functions so only 2 Vitalxan capsules (500mg)3365 ORAC provides support and helps boost the immune system.
We have also developed a new Vitalxan Mangosteen drink packed full of antioxidants which will be released in the spring of 2022.
It is a water-soluble product aimed at maximizing antioxidant benefits via the bloodstream.
We also have released our new Tropical Mangosteen  Balm which nourishes the skin with an antioxidant punch like no other product on the market.
It has many benefits which our current customers attest to sending us raving reports.
Check us out online at www.vitalxan.com.au for more information. Vitalxan is made from the Whole Mangosteen fruit and is heavy metal and pesticide tested