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Vitalxan is proud to announce that our Vitalxan ‘Super Strong Mangosteen Powder’ is successful following a 5yr study into Schizophrenia, conducted by James Cook Unversity – Interpreting the supplementation of Mangosteen in Schizophrenia and Schizoaffective conditions.

mangosteen research

mangosteen research

The Mangosteen (garcinia mangostana) tree develops out of 6 to 25 m (19.7 into 82.0 feet ) tall. The fresh fruit of the mangosteen is fine and sweet, succulent, exceptionally fibrous, using fluid-filled vesicles (such as the flesh of citrus result), using an abysmal, profound reddish-crimson colored rind (exocarp) whereas mature. Seeds are both almond-formed and sized.
The journalist and gourmand r. w. apple, jr. right as said of this fresh fruit,”no various fresh fruit, for me personally, is therefore thrillingly, intoxicatingly luscious…I could rather devour you when compared to a hot fudge sundae, that for an enormous Ohio boy says a lot” Seeing that 2006, private small-extent requests for veggies increased from Puerto Rico were bought to western specialty foods stores and connoisseur restaurants that serve the flesh sections as being a delicacy dessert.
Mangosteen is owned by precisely the same genus whilst the solution, less widely known, composed of this button mangosteen (g. prainiana) or perhaps the charichuelo (g. madruno).

Mangosteen can be actually a local plant into southeast Asia. Especially appreciated for its succulent, delicate feel and slightly sour and sweet flavour, the mangosteen was cultivated in Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra, mainland southeast-Asia, and also the Philippines as a result of truth that ancient times.

Vegetation fruit and life of the mangosteen, also Singapore monkey, by Way of Marianne northwest, until 1890 That the mangosteen became delivered to English greenhouses in 1855. In the course of time, its life has been introduced into the western census, wherein it’s grown to be found in west indies islands, particularly Jamaica. That the mangosteen tree does now not rise well beyond the tropics.
There exists a legend concerning Queen Victoria that offers a reward of 100 pounds sterling to everyone who needs to furnish to her the fruit. Though this legend could be tracked to a 1930ebookk byway of the fresh fruit explorer, even david fairchild, it’s perhaps not substantiated via any recognized historic record, nonetheless is most likely responsible to the rare designation of mangosteen since the”queen of fresh fruit”.

We are proud to announce our Vitalxan ‘super-strong’ Mangosteen powder was used in a  5 year Australian Research study into Schizo-affective conditions at the James Cook University.  ***

*Click on the link to read the publication in the British Journal of Medical Health Research Paper

Vitalxan Mangosteen featured on Channel 7’s ‘Today Tonight’.  Channel 7 Presenter highlighted Mangosteen’s ability to prevent Melanomas from spreading.  Just amazing! *Click on the link to view the Today Tonight video

Today Tonight Video

Vitalxan product brands are consistently tested for heavy metal and pesticide contamination to comply with our strict standards and guidelines for food safety, Australian and New Zealand and Global Environmental Monitoring Systems.

Deakin University are currently conducting further studies into Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar using the Vitalxan proprietary powder in a multi-site double blind clinical trials, as part of their research.

*Click on the links below for further information.

Voice on PacoPaco – Clinical trial information
Trial Registered on ANZCT-Bi Polar
Trial Registered on ANZCT-Schizo

Vitalxan has firmly, established supplier contracts, directly in the plantation fields of Thailand.  The fruit is grown organically in and around Northern Thailand where it is nurtured, free from  heavy metals and pesticides.

We continually support Australian driven research to advance our Mangosteen product line, renowned for assisting the support of the immune system and chronic illness.