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Mangosteen Buy 3 | Get 1 Free

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 Mangosteen Capsules 

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Mangosteen capsules are powerhouse of nutrients with over 40 Antioxidants, known as Xanthones. Also packed with concentrated , Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins ( Polythenols) & Amino acids. Ensures immune support & energizes bodily function.

The richest form of antioxidant supplement for runners, athletes & sports people.

Vitalxan Mangosteen powder is a quality food supplement product.  Chemical & pesticide free – Veg caps Lactose /Gluten free.


 Vitalxan Mangosteen Capsules

 90 Capsules  | 360 Caps | 4 months supply | ORAC  3,365,000 KG.


Vitalxan is tested in a TGA approved laboratory at The National Measurement Institute. Melbourne for its high ORAC value.It is also tested and certified ‘Free’ of heavy metal, pesticide, and chemicals. Lactose and Gluten Free and Diabetic friendly. The certificate of analysis for concentrated Polythenols and (alpha – mangosteen  are certified by Southern Cross University NSW

The Vitalxan proprietary mangosteen powder is used by the researchers at James Cook and Deakin University for human clinical studies into how and why it may help people suffering with schizophrenia or Bi Polar. The current schizophrenia study will close soon and the stats examined before the results are published in worldwide medical journals.Vitalxans mangosteen is grown and processed in Thailand and encapsulated GMP facilities  in Australia. We do not use inferior untested  mangosteen.