Vitapet 100 | 3 for 2 Deal


Vitapet 100 | 3 for 2 Deal

$82.50 $49.95

Special 3 for 2 Only $49.95  

Micki Voisard of ‘DogChefs’ states  Mangosteen Gives Cats and Dogs Long Healthy Lives!

I believe Mangosteen can help any animal, but if you change the pet’s diet to one of more natural food the results will be beyond belief!

Our Pandy just loves meal-time which is comprised of mashed sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin dowsed in a small amount of olive or coconut oil with finely chopped and slightly cooked rump steak or chicken. I then sprinkle about a half teaspoon of the Vitapet 100 beef flavoured probiotic/mangosteen powder over the food and mix it in.

Just over 18 months ago Pandy developed crusty skin sores all over his body for which he was prescribed antibiotics and given a cream, neither of which really healed the sores or relieved his distress. Within a week of having half a teaspoon of VitaPet 100 added to each meal, all the sores had cleared up completely and have never returned.



Vitapet 100 | Mangosteen Probiotic Formula

Your dogs health is just as important as yours!  Vitapet 100 Food Supplement comes in a 100g Tub.

Benefits | A powerful probiotic, antioxidant, vitamin and mineral supplement formula.  Promotes healthy digestion, assists wet noses, skin, shiny coats, eye health, mobility and well-being.  Excellent product for controlling any skin issues, such as itchy skin.  The Mangosteen fortifies the animal’s natural defenses, creating a powerhouse support for ensuring plenty of energy.

Directions | Just one heaped teaspoon  per day added to food.  All natural Beef Flavour product. Does NOT contain any Animal ingredients.

Vitalxan is tested  at The National Measurement Institute. Melbourne for its high ORAC value.It is also tested and certified ‘Free’ of heavy metal, pesticide, and chemicals. Lactose and Gluten Free and Diabetic friendly.

Made in Australia.