These are from real people just like yourselves.


Rick Carter Life Member Athletics Australia – Adelaide

The Vitalxan Muscle & Joint Balm is so good that I have recommended it to several accredited exercise physiologists in the sporting world.

Nothing comes anywhere near the Vitalxan Muscle and Joint Balm for results.

John Quinn – Accredited Exercise Physiologist – Sydney

I find the Vitalxan products to be ethical and beneficial. They are simple to use but above all of this –They do work!

Australia v England

Vitalxan sponsored the 2016 Lords Tavern Blind Test Series.
The team masseurs commented that the Vitalxan Muscle & Joint Balm was very effective

Chris Carpenter | Managing Director – Hills Radio 88.9FM

I am a radio personality and don’t mince words.  Great products – amazed at the results!

Kevin Young – Adelaide

Vitalxan has certainly turned the clock back for me. I find I have much more mobility and energy.

Danielle Hill – Harness Jockey- Adelaide

I was seriously injured in a race accident. I have successfully used both the Vitalxan Mangosteen capsules and balm to aid my recovery. My family and I use them every day.

Jeannette (Gold Coast) – Vitalxan Muscle & Joint Balm

My mum tried it on her hands. She was very excited to see such fast results!  It just seemed to cool down the skin!  Brilliant product. Love it!

Julie Erla – Mangosteen Muscle & joint Balm

My husband and I came off our motorbike.  I really banged up my knees but the balm has helped and healed the scars very quickly.  Why would anyone use anything other than this natural product.  I now recommend it to everyone.

Nadia Krolikowski – Adelaide

I can play tennis again for the first time for 5 years. I am so energised –  just brilliant products.

Tanya Pitman – Tailem Bend South Australia

I suffer from Ross River Virus. Truly marvellous products – just wouldn’t be without them!

Miracle Balm Testimonial – Plantar Fasciitis

I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis on and off for several years. The pain was so bad that when I exerted pressure on my heel I was unable to walk very far. I used the Vitalxan Mangosteen balm to see if it would give me comfort.

The relief from the discomfort was instantaneous as it took literally seconds to kick in. After consulting with my GP he said if it helps simply carry on and rub it in. Yes it Works!